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Well I know that we have quiet a few projects stalled and what not, but the new project is not japanese like the ones that are mainly on hold (besides CPP).  Bento recently gained a new korean translator and she was quickly going through translations of S.T.A.B. so to slow her pace on that (and not have something like Amai with a good amount backlogged) I asked her if she would start translating another series. I was originally gonna ask her to work on CPP, but the raws are horrid. I wonder how Candycane managed with them. So we decided to pick up this.
As I was writing this I went back to their site to get their url and went to their project list and saw this on their hiatus list, so I may ask them to do a joint on it. Also sorry for lack of redraws, and don’t judge me badly on the ones I kinda did since I am not a redrawer, I am a typesetter and proofreader.

Link to Demonic Scans:

The Moon At Daybreak - Chapter 01


Also sorry for long post.
And Bento needs staff. If we can gain another cleaner and maybe a typesetter I will be happy. I also need redrawers so i can actually have redraws done on bento’s projects…

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  1. I’m happy you did this chapter and I really hope you will continue to do more. In my opinion, Demonic Scans is great, I really like the material they choose, and their release frequency for some of their projects is amazing. But you can’t put out a teaser on a project and then put it on hiatus. If they decided that they weren’t going to continue with the project they should have tagged it under Dropped so other groups could pick it up if interested. Seven months is too long.
    Anyway thank you.

    1. Well on their last site it was marked as dropped, which I saw. But when I checked on their current site it is on the hiatus list. Also translations up to chapter 10 are completed already, so all I really need to do is actually work on it lol. I am currently working on STAB, and then gonna work on Amai. (STAB ch 9 is short, only reason why I decided to do that quickly).
      Also main reason why I am messaging them is because I hate whenever groups take other groups’ projects without warning. So I am messaging them, though it seems I already took the project, so we can work something out if they want to still work on it. Also it could help me out with cleans or redraws possibly.

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