Moon Release

Well sorry for the delay for chapter 2, I actually did nothing with this after the 1st chapter was released. I originally was going to have a joint with demonics for this, but after 2 weeks of them not doing anything besides cleans I decided to just do it myself. So I should get another person to help me out, though getting a redrawer would really help me a lot… one who could redraw color pages would be more helpful, but I am not picky.

Also today (gmt) is Sneez’s (Bento’s typesetter, who has not worked on anything for a while, though games with me every so often and chats with me on skype) birthday. She said I shouldn’t disclose her age though… so yeah, so enjoy the release.

The Moon At Daybreak - Chapter 02

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    1. welp thats thats another thing to mark off the list of what people say about my name…
      though my name is pronounced Rah-vihn (its hindi)

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