Moon 3 Release

Sorry about the huge delay in all releases and such… but college is a pain and I am one person… I believe I have a person is working on something else, which i shall not disclose (and no its not a new project). Also deal with my horrible cover-ups with the text.

The Moon At Daybreak - Chapter 03

3 thoughts on “Moon 3 Release”

  1. Hi! Thank you very much for your hard work Bento Scans ! 🙂 My name is Victor Villarreal (nick Sedahkid) from a manga scan named Vago no Fansub. We have seen your recent works and we really like them, especially the manhwa The Moon At Daybreak. In addition to a very impressive translation from korean language, we also noticed a way to improve it regarding the edition, mostly redraw. We would be very happy to be able to help you guys in that area as our staff is able to easily carry out that part, and therefore provide you guys some nice improvements too.
    In summary, we would like to offer our help with the redraw and edition that you may need fast and nice done, while you guys carry out your translation normally. I am looking forward to hearing your answer and we all hope to be able to help and contribute along with your staff. Thank you!

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