Shirayukihime Ch 13 release

Well this took a while to be released compared to the past chapters… Also with this release Shirayuki sadly is put into the “on hold” list at bento due to the translator being on hiatus and us having no more translated chapters for this.

Shirayukihime to 7-nin no Shuujin - Chapter 13: Guide 4

3 thoughts on “Shirayukihime Ch 13 release”

  1. i found out your site by mistake ‘lol” and im totaly hooked over your release my be amai seikatsu or this one thank you a lot for make discover these series
    have a nice day

    1. There is a chapter being typesetted, but unsure when it should be done.
      Also we have translations for chapter 10 but none afterwards and the translator seems to be on hiatus.

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