Want to become a member of Bento and help us release at a faster pace?
Take a test and apply today.

I will update this page when I fully get the tests up.

Tests are on irc (you will need a client such as mIRC, hexchat, ect. to download test.)

The commands for them are as follows:
Cleaner: /msg [Bento] xdcc send #126
Typesetter: /msg [Bento] xdcc send #128
Proofreader: /msg [Bento] xdcc send #127


Downloads otherwise:

Cleaner Test | Typesetter Test | Proofreader Test

Translators will need to message me either here or in irc.


Email me at travinsingh17@gmail.com*
Ravin at Batoto
Post a thread on forum
In comment area here

*if you email me, please make title of email ‘Application for’ whatever position you are aiming for.

…also a way to contact you…

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    1. hi, I am curious on whether or not you want to continue a project of ours or for us to pick up a new one. (Main reason for lack of releases is partly lack of tls)

  1. Hello I was curious if you guys trained? Because ive been reading some of your work and saw that you guys do and I am interested in putting some time in.

    1. We technically do, reason why technically is cause my cleaner isn’t too good, but I may be able to get another person to help me with that. So what position are you aiming to apply for?

  2. I am applying as a Typesetter and sent my exam through gmail. Hope you can have a look a it. 🙂

  3. So… im applying for a proofreader position. I have great grammar skills and can “interpret” most English translation left overs. This is my first time doing this so here is the proof reader txt file updated with my “interpretation”.


    Pg. 105
    1: Hey, hefs coming isn’t he?
    2: There are two reactions!?
    I wonder what hefs up to.
    3: It seems we’ll have to split up right?
    What should we do, Kristeller?
    Meh, it seems there is no other way but to go with this.
    4: So, divide in 2 groups.
    Come, Elsie.
    ah…ah yes

    EXEcutional Pg 1

    Page 1
    Bubble: Take a break from your adventures and check this out!!
    Bubble: Aren’t you tired of being moneyless?
    Bubble: Aren’t there times when you just couldn’t believe how pricey things are?
    Bubble: We have an answer for you at Great Circle!
    Bubble: Let us introduce you to Investor Board!
    Bubble: This is where merchants and investors meet each other.

    Shirayukihime to 7-nin no Shuujin

    /*– FILE 270 –/

    : Didn’t I tell you not to use it so brazenly like that…? You can’t control it at all yet, right?
    : Well, thanks to that, we were able to get this truck, I guess.
    SFX: Blow, blow
    : Ow, ow, ow, ow ow!! // Thanks, Shirayuki!!

    MIDDLE: Promotional material not translated.
    MIDDLE: Chapter 14: Guide -5-

    : Fujimaru, you gotta do something about about that GPS!!
    : It’s more important than running, if you can’t then destroy it…!!

    : We’re heading to what used to be Yokota Air Base. GPS was originally a U.S. Air Force thing…
    : Two years ago, the Air Force Satellite Management Center was taken offline, too. We repaired the equipment and took over.

  4. So, what help do you need, and please don’t say everything, that’s just a turnoff!
    I do admit that Amai tickles my funny-bone and am inclined to help with it if I can! I was looking at raws for ch480 of the first season earlier today before looking for the start of the Second Season (sequel).
    Sorry, I don’t translate nowadays so that’s out, but I think I can handle the rest although I wordsmith normally nowadays.
    A Wordsmith is something like a QC but with a Second Level of Proof Reading added. It’s necessary where concepts are different between languages or what is trying to be inferred in a totally different manner. In the Magazine world, it’s one of the first level editors that handle this job.


  5. I hear you train cleaners. I would love to learn. It would be awesome to know I had a small part in the mangas that I love.

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