Bento’s 3rd Anniversary

Well can you believe its our 3rd one already? No? I seriously can’t… I released 2 projects this week… afterwards i realized I had nothing prepared for this… So i working on a chapter of EXEcutional and Amai each just for this… I have parabellum stuff ready to be worked on but life is getting in my way slightly. So enjoy the releases and I will probably release the next chapter of Parabellum in a week or 2.

Amai Seikatsu - Volume 03 Chapter 24: Obstinate Sexual Appeal

EXEcutional - Volume 03 Chapter 24: Who Took My Money?

On a side note: Bento finished volume 3 of amai (oddly enough on our 3rd anniversary. And both releases are of volume 3 chapter 24.

AMAI Release

Surprised right? Well i have been (very) slowly working on this ever since the last chapter was done… yeah its been a while hasn’t it? Life interfered a bit as well as my slacking so it was delayed for a bit. Well enjoy the chapter.

Amai Seikatsu - Volume 03 Chapter 23: Shinsuke's Epiphany

Shirayuki Release

Well after a long time, and a few fails finally chapter 14 of shirayuki is done…. Well I am gonna need to yell at cleaner a little since its not too good in all honesty and redraws are needed… so if anybody is willing to redraw it for bento I will be happy, also i need cleaners… Al245 is too lazy…

Shirayukihime to 7-nin no Shuujin - Chapter 14: Guide 5

News and Updates

Well first off, Bento is officially dropping not lives. Another group (who is faster than bento) asked if they could take it off our hands. So i agreed.

Their “site”:
You can always read on batoto though.

Side note: Sorry for lack of releases from bento… I am a horrid slacker and al is of no help… seeking better cleaners… Also I should tell al245 about dropping not lives.


Well after all the time we have worked/slacked on Godseeker, Bento is finally done with it. The translations seriously were in our drive for a year and cleans since around Jan. so me getting to them due to their length increased time of waiting… sorry.

Well here are the chapters.

Godseeker - Volume 02 Chapter 08

Godseeker - Volume 02 Chapter 09

Thank you all the staff who worked on this and to Overload Scans who worked on the first two chapters.

Parabellum Release

Well I know I released this a day or two ago on batoto, but I was unable to get my xdcc bot to allow me to access the file properly on irc, and delayed uploading it on site >.<

Parabellum - Volume 02 Chapter 07.5: Memory

P.S. I also updated the recruitment area of site by adding the downloads there.

Recruitment Section

I finally decided to change how the staff section was, so I made it have 2 sub-categories. The 1st is the current staff list, which as it states shows who is currently a part of bento’s staff. The 2nd is Recruitment, which will contain all the tests we have. Applications for translations will be handled differently though.

Amai Ch 22 Release

I know this is late compared to my plan… Well I am recruiting again. I need an experienced cleaner and also possibly a typesetter. If I get another translator though the number of staff needed will probably change.

And here is chapter:
Amai Seikatsu - Volume 03 Chapter 22: A Miracle Occurs