Moon 3 Release

Sorry about the huge delay in all releases and such… but college is a pain and I am one person… I believe I have a person is working on something else, which i shall not disclose (and no its not a new project). Also deal with my horrible cover-ups with the text.

The Moon At Daybreak - Chapter 03

Moon Release

Well sorry for the delay for chapter 2, I actually did nothing with this after the 1st chapter was released. I originally was going to have a joint with demonics for this, but after 2 weeks of them not doing anything besides cleans I decided to just do it myself. So I should get another person to help me out, though getting a redrawer would really help me a lot… one who could redraw color pages would be more helpful, but I am not picky.

Also today (gmt) is Sneez’s (Bento’s typesetter, who has not worked on anything for a while, though games with me every so often and chats with me on skype) birthday. She said I shouldn’t disclose her age though… so yeah, so enjoy the release.

The Moon At Daybreak - Chapter 02

Amai Release

Its been a while since the last release of Amai. I promise to not let the next chapter take as long as the time between this chapter and the last chapter (hopefully). Most of the delay was because of the content in this chapter and my mother being around when I was free when I actually began working on it around 5 days ago. So enjoy the chapter.

Amai Seikatsu - Volume 04 Chapter 25: Pleasant Present

S.T.A.B. 10 Release

I should really work on other things, but STAB is short compared to other mangas, and usually I am free from homework by the time my mother is home… so i not wanna work on amai…

well enjoy STAB for now

A Simple Thinking About BloodType - Chapter 10: First to Ride the Bus


p.s. On a side note, since i saw that demonic scans had originally did the prologue for moon, I decided to have a joint with them (who knows how long that will last due to Bento’s track record with joints)

New Project

Well I know that we have quiet a few projects stalled and what not, but the new project is not japanese like the ones that are mainly on hold (besides CPP).  Bento recently gained a new korean translator and she was quickly going through translations of S.T.A.B. so to slow her pace on that (and not have something like Amai with a good amount backlogged) I asked her if she would start translating another series. I was originally gonna ask her to work on CPP, but the raws are horrid. I wonder how Candycane managed with them. So we decided to pick up this.
As I was writing this I went back to their site to get their url and went to their project list and saw this on their hiatus list, so I may ask them to do a joint on it. Also sorry for lack of redraws, and don’t judge me badly on the ones I kinda did since I am not a redrawer, I am a typesetter and proofreader.

Link to Demonic Scans:

The Moon At Daybreak - Chapter 01


Also sorry for long post.
And Bento needs staff. If we can gain another cleaner and maybe a typesetter I will be happy. I also need redrawers so i can actually have redraws done on bento’s projects…

S.T.A.B. 8 Release

Well I was gonna work on Amai today… but well my family got home around the time i was gonna work on it… think about it if you know how the series is and what occurred in the last chapter… if you are either too young or just don’t want to read it, put bluntly, its just nsfw at the moment. So I worked on this chapter and finished it in a day, so yeah… enjoy.

A Simple Thinking About BloodType - Chapter 08: Red Button

S.T.A.B. 7 Release

I like calling A Simple Thinking About BloodTypes S.T.A.B.
Well besides that… enjoy the chapter. And we have a new korean tl who is helping with it. Yay~

I have around 10 more chapters translated for this at the moment. But I will probably work on a chapter of Amai before another chapter of this.

A Simple Thinking About BloodType - Chapter 07: Exam