Happy Holidays

Well first I would like to say, Happy Holidays to all who actually visits Bento’s site and see this post (since people who don’t come to this site won’t know this message exists, so it would make no sense to say to everyone of whole world, if you get what i mean…) Anyways… we sadly only have 1 release but it is something a lot of people (well not really sure how many…) have been waiting for. Also I really should not be lying across my bed, with my laptop on a hamper that is flipped over while typing this post… forget about this please…

Here is the chapter and an end to my… if i can think of word i will edit this…

Not Lives - Volume 02 Chapter 09

14 thoughts on “Happy Holidays”

  1. Many thanks for this chapter 🙂 Yes, I am one of those who have been waiting for it (and almost lost hope) so it is a very nice Christmas present 🙂

    And also – Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you 🙂

  2. Marry Christmas and a happy New Year. I hope this year is better the last one. I for once we get what we want. Peace would be a good start. So I will wish peace for you.

    1. Remember there are many forms of peace. My peace of mine towards scanlation will never end till after I remove all the backlog I have and finish Amai in who knows how many years lol.

      1. that’s is good that you want to finish amai seikatsu (hopefully first and second season) becasue it s the best seri outta internet so i visit your website every day hoping there is a new chapter on amai
        tnx for the happy holliday i wish you the same

  3. Thanks for translating this! I was a big fan of the author’s last work, seeing their new one scanlated is great.

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