Madan Chapter 18 release

After Watisit being on hiatus (he is on hiatus again due to life…) and other things, we finally are releasing another chapter of madan after who-knows-how-long. Enjoy the chapter.
Remember we have an xdcc bot so if you want to come to irc and say “hi” to me it would be welcome since for the most part there aren’t much people there…

Madan no Ou to Vanadis - Volume 04 Chapter 18: Count Greast

23 thoughts on “Madan Chapter 18 release”

  1. The anime’s already caught up to this chapter. When its finished airing you guys should get a lot of hits for people wanting more based on the quality of the anime so far.

    1. well if you call his free-time his life, then it is currently dead. He goes to college/university and due to the courses he took for this semester he is busy with those. In december when he is on his break he shall continue translating.

      1. Oh… i actually thought that the mangaka on hiatus… lolololol… oh well… thanks for the chapter and also good luck to the translator… ^^…

        1. I can tell you don’t come to Bento’s site or batoto lol. If you do, then you don’t read my posts and just go for downloads. I usually inform readers of Bento’s projects of most situations with their progress. Like another group approached bento with a joint for madan, which I am temporarily accepting till Watisit returns and then we go back to scanning madan by ourselves.

          1. Oh. Actually i didn’t read the post properly. haha. i miss out Watisit name. haha. yup i actually just read this manga. started like on the day i commented… haha… But anyway really thanks you guys for the translation.

          2. lol okay. Also translations and cleans are done for chapter 19. I should proofread and typeset it fully hopefully by weekend, but I am currently typesetting Amai Seikatsu chapter 17 at the moment and have a few other mangas backlogged as well… Also there is a redraw or 2 on the other side of joint for this manga that still need to be done.

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