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Well an old member of bento, Candycane, has returned. She was in bento when group began and translated a few korean projects when she was active. Now having returned, Bento is diving further back in our history with projects. We are picking up Crown Princess Project; which was done by 13th hour, Bento’s parent group.
It is still ongoing, and we are unsure if it has more than 4 volumes… if anyone can tell us it would be nice…
Well enjoy the new release of the chapter which has been done around 2 days ago, but i couldn’t release it for a bit.
Crown Princess Project - Volume 01 Chapter 05

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    1. I will need to ask around before i am able to do that, only reason is that i have no permission for chapter 1 and for chapters 2-4 I do not currently have the psds for it

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