Crown Princess Release

Well due to college, playing pc games, and well… just slacking in general I have pushed checking Amai chapter 13 for a bit… When i complete my homework (or get a good deal of it done today) I shall check over that and probably release it tomorrow.

Well now to talk about the manhwa I am actually gonna release; Enjoy the chapter.
Crown Princess Project - Volume 02 Chapter 07

Well I decided to finally collect the files for chapter 1 and 2 for Crown Princess Project and add them to Bento’s reader.
Here are download files and other usual stuff with releases.
Crown Princess Project - Volume 01 Chapter 01

Crown Princess Project - Volume 01 Chapter 02

19 thoughts on “Crown Princess Release”

  1. Thanks a lot for the awesome release! Currently, Crown Princess Project has piqued my interest greatly, so I am really excited.Really loving it right now!

  2. Excuse me, sorry to barge in. I want to know if there’s a new release from this manga. I like to read it. It’s been 1 year since I read the last chapter.

  3. Pls update the crown princess project i like that manwa so much..begging for update thank u so much…hope u realease asap..thank u

    1. The issue with us releasing this is due to lack of decent raws (we have 1 chapter but the raws aren’t too good for another translator than the one who initially started translating this for us, who is MIA) and not having a translator to work on it. If we can manage to get both we can start working on this again.

      1. I think if you go to Love-manhwa, you can ask them if they have any raws. I think they do but the links are down so you’ll have to ask.

      2. Hey Ravin! I am Rain from Mystic Mizuki. I was wondering if you still need any Korean translators for Crown Princess Project. My group is currently working with Misty Rain Scans. My Vietnamese translators are helping them translate 11 chapters of a series and in return, they are allowing me to send 11 Korean chapters for their translators to translate. Since I am a fan of the series Crown Princess Project, I was wondering if we can work together on these series.

        1. That would be nice since my current korean tl may or may not be active currently, but i am wondering on quality of the raws. My cleaner currently is slow, typesetting and proofs are easily done by myself. So if quality of raws are in good condition i may be able to do it myself, otherwise i may need you guys to clean

          1. I think there are raws on the love manhwa website but I’m currently on low cleaners too and my only cleaner is currently on vacation. Can I take a look at one of the chapters to see the quality? You can email me at If you can send me the chapters, I can send them to the admin of Misty Rain Scans so their translators can translate it while my translators are working on their project.

  4. Its been a 2yrs crown princess project release..hope to release its soon ..or tell us u stop the project so we are not hoping anymore.. so long to wait..

  5. Hello ravin when is the next update of princess project?i really fan of it..hope ur staff work on it soon..thank u for scanlate of it..god bless

  6. Got a message from another group, so waiting on their side to see how things go. If anything a release may occur for it soon (whether its from us or not)

  7. Is the project still on hiatus? please tell us if there is no hope, I rlly like this manga. Its been1130 days ago when you have uploaded the last chapter. Pls update or tell us if another group is scanlating it. ;-;

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