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Hm… Happy Holidays(?)

Well instead of releasing the chapters when I was on computer today I gamed and am releasing it 10 minutes past midnight (12/26) my time. Well either way, I hope everybody enjoyed their time with family, friends, or alone if you prefer it that way. And enjoy our releases.

A Simple Thinking About BloodType - Chapter 14: Blood Type Unit Organization

The Moon At Daybreak - Chapter 04

P.S. I am around halfway done with amai 26, and stab 15 may be done soon as well (within the week). So Bento may have some releases for New Years as well.

Moon 3 Release

Sorry about the huge delay in all releases and such… but college is a pain and I am one person… I believe I have a person is working on something else, which i shall not disclose (and no its not a new project). Also deal with my horrible cover-ups with the text.

The Moon At Daybreak - Chapter 03

Moon Release

Well sorry for the delay for chapter 2, I actually did nothing with this after the 1st chapter was released. I originally was going to have a joint with demonics for this, but after 2 weeks of them not doing anything besides cleans I decided to just do it myself. So I should get another person to help me out, though getting a redrawer would really help me a lot… one who could redraw color pages would be more helpful, but I am not picky.

Also today (gmt) is Sneez’s (Bento’s typesetter, who has not worked on anything for a while, though games with me every so often and chats with me on skype) birthday. She said I shouldn’t disclose her age though… so yeah, so enjoy the release.

The Moon At Daybreak - Chapter 02

New Project

Well I know that we have quiet a few projects stalled and what not, but the new project is not japanese like the ones that are mainly on hold (besides CPP).  Bento recently gained a new korean translator and she was quickly going through translations of S.T.A.B. so to slow her pace on that (and not have something like Amai with a good amount backlogged) I asked her if she would start translating another series. I was originally gonna ask her to work on CPP, but the raws are horrid. I wonder how Candycane managed with them. So we decided to pick up this.
As I was writing this I went back to their site to get their url and went to their project list and saw this on their hiatus list, so I may ask them to do a joint on it. Also sorry for lack of redraws, and don’t judge me badly on the ones I kinda did since I am not a redrawer, I am a typesetter and proofreader.

Link to Demonic Scans:

The Moon At Daybreak - Chapter 01


Also sorry for long post.
And Bento needs staff. If we can gain another cleaner and maybe a typesetter I will be happy. I also need redrawers so i can actually have redraws done on bento’s projects…