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Parabellum Release

Well I know I released this a day or two ago on batoto, but I was unable to get my xdcc bot to allow me to access the file properly on irc, and delayed uploading it on site >.<

Parabellum - Volume 02 Chapter 07.5: Memory

P.S. I also updated the recruitment area of site by adding the downloads there.

Parabellum Release

Well I really should have just started and ended the releases for Parabellum, but I am too lazy and don’t feel like cleaning the half chapter (which has like 5 pages) so I shall stall on that. On another note, I don’t feel like making a fake release for this release. I may for next one lol.
Also I am sorry for the lack of redraws, I didn’t feel like waiting 50 years for them, and I still need redraws done for Ochi… If you want to help redraw please email me @

Parabellum - Volume 02 Chapter 07: Repose


I seem to have slightly forgotten that there are no more translations past chapter 7.5 so if you guys want Bento to continue working on this, we need a translator for the final volume…