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One-Shot Release

Well I have said before that I would accept most projects if I am provided with raws and translations, and Bentomonogatari (a.k.a Pound; a retired cleaner of Bento) took me up on my offer. And since he knows thai, he worked on a thai one-shot.

So enjoy the release:
Shutter Chance - Oneshot

P.S. Ochitekita ch 8 has 4 pages which need redraws, that are delaying release. Also Madan should be getting typesetted soon enough. Finally I started working on Amai’s next chapter as well and hope to have a release within the next 48 hours, and then go to work on either EXEcutional or Godseeker after that, unless another project gets a chapter completed, then I would QC it before moving on. Oh yeah, Bento should hopefully be able to move Shirayuki out from the hiatus pile within this month.