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Well after all the time we have worked/slacked on Godseeker, Bento is finally done with it. The translations seriously were in our drive for a year and cleans since around Jan. so me getting to them due to their length increased time of waiting… sorry.

Well here are the chapters.

Godseeker - Volume 02 Chapter 08

Godseeker - Volume 02 Chapter 09

Thank you all the staff who worked on this and to Overload Scans who worked on the first two chapters.

Godseeker Chapter 7 Release

Well with this release there are only 2 chapters left. So I am happy about that since this should have been done ages ago, but due to cleans, it has had major delays. Also redraws are issues for Bento… another chapter is released without any… I should really recruit for that position…

Godseeker - Volume 02 Chapter 07

Godseeker ch 6 Release

Finally after 172 days of no releases for godseeker, there is finally one. With this release it means there are only 3 chapters left. The next chapter is already typesetted, I only need to check over it quickly and then I can release that. So enjoy the chapter.
Godseeker - Volume 02 Chapter 06

I forgot something; I didn’t get 3 of the spreads redrawn. If anyone wants to redraw them please message me so I can release a v2 for godseeker ch 6.