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Amai Ch 9 Release

Well with the last release of Amai, which was only 2 days ago i saw an interesting comment about Amai. Also due to me only checking the last 2 chapters of Amai i felt the need to do it myself again lol. Well enjoy the release.

Amai Seikatsu - Volume 02 Chapter 09: Shinsuke's Weakness

Amai chapter 6 release

Well if nobody was able to tell, i have been slacking badly… A friend and I got a game call Rust about a week ago and have been playing it very often… Due to that i kind of push scanlation aside for a bit… Also there are 2 more chapters of Amai lying around in bento’s storage i need to check over still… (Another member typesetted it)

Without an actual story of what happened while playing (since most of it involved me dying by other players, animals, and falling) i will let you guys off with a few words of advice if you ever play it. Trust nobody, even a person you know in person. If you do trust someone hope they won’t betray you later on.

Amai Seikatsu - Volume 01 Chapter 06: One Lamb on a Woman's Battlefield.

Oh yeah, here is a link for that img i used on credit page (always easier with a link thats not on an image): Link

Welcome to Bento Scans’ New Site.

A friend and I were working on this site for a while and Bento has finally gotten an online reader for themselves and a XDCC bot, so going to this site just for a release isn’t always necessary.  Also due to a recent update for our forum, I decided to make a new one.

Also to drag more people here today I am releasing chapter 3 of Amai today as well, even if it was finished about a week ago lol.

-To download

!AMAI3 || DDL || Reader

If you have any questions register to the forum and message me, or drop by the irc and ask away.