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STAB Ch 4 Release

Well 1 day after I had started typesetting Godseeker chapter 6 I had realized I was already half way done with chapter 4 of STAB, but ignored it either way. So I did the chapter that was 47 pages long instead of the one that is less than 10.
And as a result I have another release.

For those also wondering about Not Lives, the usual typesetter seems to have disappeared… So I was finally gonna typeset it (I really should rely on my other typesetters more >.<) and I finally decided to ask Zp92 to do it. So it shouldn't be too long for a release of that. Now my only issue is hunting down Neko5... And I shall be typesetting Amai chapter 14 as well when I have time from slacking from college and writing a 2 page paper due in less than 48 hours. Before I forget here is the chapter: [release id=106]

Bento’s 2nd Anniversary

Well without me realizing it Bento’s 2nd anniversary was here… So i got chapters of stuff done in around a week… So much time used not slacking… Well without further delay.
Here are the few releases.

Amai Seikatsu - Volume 02 Chapter 11: Pink Punishment

Crown Princess Project - Volume 02 Chapter 06

EXEcutional - Volume 03 Chapter 22: Great Circle

Ochitekita Ryuuou to Horobiyuku Majo no Kuni - Volume 02 Chapter 07: After Victory...

–New Project–
Well since it is a webcomic it was quick to do so here are 3 releases.
A Simple Thinking About BloodType - Chapter 00: Prologue

A Simple Thinking About BloodType - Chapter 01: An Introduction to Blood Types

A Simple Thinking About BloodType - Chapter 02: Falsifying Thoughts About Blood Types

Also here are 2 of the 3 missing chapters of CPP we did in bento’s parent group.
Crown Princess Project - Volume 01 Chapter 03

Crown Princess Project - Volume 01 Chapter 04