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Happy New Years

Well it seems bento can do it if we try. So we release 2 chapters around christmas and now another 2 on new years. Yay~ though in all honesty we should have released all 4 on christmas, but i was slacking with amai, and Ccrados didn’t finish the chapter of stab till around 2 days back.

Well I hope everybody enjoys the time with their family and friends, if they do something on new years. Well if you are like me and anti-social, why not enjoy these chapters then?

A Simple Thinking About BloodType - Chapter 15: Image Game

Amai Seikatsu - Volume 04 Chapter 26: Introduction to Love


Also here is an image from Ccrados:

Happy New Years


P.S. New Years for me is still around 10 hours away

P.P.S. I added the 1 missing page for chapter 25.

Hm… Happy Holidays(?)

Well instead of releasing the chapters when I was on computer today I gamed and am releasing it 10 minutes past midnight (12/26) my time. Well either way, I hope everybody enjoyed their time with family, friends, or alone if you prefer it that way. And enjoy our releases.

A Simple Thinking About BloodType - Chapter 14: Blood Type Unit Organization

The Moon At Daybreak - Chapter 04

P.S. I am around halfway done with amai 26, and stab 15 may be done soon as well (within the week). So Bento may have some releases for New Years as well.


Well Bento gained a new Proofreader/Typesetter, whom I forced to “clean” S.T.A.B. as he she worked. Yay to making somebody else do work for me~

Well I still had to “redraw” and QC it, so i not have him her do it alone. Either way, enjoy the release.

A Simple Thinking About BloodType - Chapter 13: Flattery

I must start asking genders of the staff. And sorry Ccrados…

STAB 12 Release

College and my gaming habits are bad for scanlations… Also I recently started helping out another group >.<

The first chapter for there is still being checked, but when it is fully done i will say what it is.

A Simple Thinking About BloodType - Chapter 12: When the Earth is Destroyed Tomorrow

Enjoy chapter either way.
And yes that title is a mouth full.

S.T.A.B. 10 Release

I should really work on other things, but STAB is short compared to other mangas, and usually I am free from homework by the time my mother is home… so i not wanna work on amai…

well enjoy STAB for now

A Simple Thinking About BloodType - Chapter 10: First to Ride the Bus


p.s. On a side note, since i saw that demonic scans had originally did the prologue for moon, I decided to have a joint with them (who knows how long that will last due to Bento’s track record with joints)

S.T.A.B. 8 Release

Well I was gonna work on Amai today… but well my family got home around the time i was gonna work on it… think about it if you know how the series is and what occurred in the last chapter… if you are either too young or just don’t want to read it, put bluntly, its just nsfw at the moment. So I worked on this chapter and finished it in a day, so yeah… enjoy.

A Simple Thinking About BloodType - Chapter 08: Red Button

S.T.A.B. 7 Release

I like calling A Simple Thinking About BloodTypes S.T.A.B.
Well besides that… enjoy the chapter. And we have a new korean tl who is helping with it. Yay~

I have around 10 more chapters translated for this at the moment. But I will probably work on a chapter of Amai before another chapter of this.

A Simple Thinking About BloodType - Chapter 07: Exam

STAB 6 Release

Well I have been busy, and slacking badly with scanlations… I have been either doing homework for college, playing minecraft, playing smash bros on my 3ds, or sword art on my vita. I should direct more effort into college and scanlations lol. Well lets see if that will ever change.
Also it is 1 hour before midnight for me currently, and it is still Halloween, so Happy Holloween everyone.

A Simple Thinking About BloodType - Chapter 06: Phone Conversations