New Project to List and Amai Release

Well I discovered I was able to gain access back into 13th Hour’s dropbox folder and discovered there was a project in there that had translations for as well as a chapter already typesetter (oddest coincidence of that was I was the person who typesetted it.)
Since 13th Hour is already dead I am going to release the few chapters under the name of Bento Scans since Bento is basically a child group of 13th before it died.
For the new project, Tengoku, it looks like the translations go up to chapter 19.
Also I just realized there is 1.5 chapters for Parabellum by YOSHIOKA Sakaki translated there as well. So I am thinking of adding those to Bento’s project list and after completing them drop them and hope for another group to pick it up, unless we get a translator for them.
Tengoku - Volume 02 Chapter 15: Quindecim

Also here is chapter 13 of Amai for those going into withdrawl.
Amai Seikatsu - Volume 02 Chapter 13: The Pain of Love

I just though I should really write this. By how I am and with how projects are chosen, I can confidently say Bento Scans is willing to pick up most projects as long as we can get translations and raws.

10 thoughts on “New Project to List and Amai Release”

  1. Hi, Just wanted to say thanks for chapters 12 and 13. This is one of my favorite series. Thank you so much for releasing it

  2. hope you continue Amai Seikatsu…I like the series…and I cant believe it wasnt scanlated for soooo long…

    Thx and thumbs UP!!!

    1. I got up to volume 6 already done and volume 7 translations should be soon as well. I aso have all the raws, so as long as the translations don’t run out (or i don’t get too busy and retire from bento) it will continue. Also if i do retire before it is complete i would have shifted it to another person who is capable of finishing it. remember the key to continue it is the translations.

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