Double Release

Well after finally getting out doing 2 papers, a test, and 2 quizzes I, Ravin, am free again… well it would have probably been less of a wait if i wasn’t playing Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment on my vita lol, but a slacker will always be a slacker. So enough with my rambling, I already did enough with that for my presentation in my english class yesterday, so here are the chapters.

Amai Seikatsu - Volume 02 Chapter 15: That's Sexy

Tengoku - Volume 02 Chapter 16: Sedecim


*Also note for Amai, if you want to know more about Tsujigahana look at this link:

-Tengoku Note: I re-uploaded chapter with the previously missing page, but I forgot it needed redraws before I originally released, so I uploaded the chapter with un-redrawn page. When redrawns are done for it I will upload that one, and yeah… Don’t be forgetful… it a good rule, and if you are make notes and don’t forget where you put them.

5 thoughts on “Double Release”

  1. Very thanks for the release of amai, hope yoo keep the hard work.

    i think is the funniest manga i ever read, and hope continue until the end-.

  2. Just wanted to say thank you for the new chapter of Amai. I also like this manga very much and appreciate each chapter.
    Still playing final fantasy 7.

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