Amai Chapter 8 release

Well this is the mark of the 1st of 40.5 volumes to be completed. I have translations for a while so this will be still be updated normally, yet my plan to finish in a little over 9 years is a bit off now…

Amai Seikatsu - Volume 01 Chapter 08: Lingerie War

6 thoughts on “Amai Chapter 8 release”

  1. I absolutely love this manga! Fellow underwear lovers, let’s gather and worship this work!
    And thank you guys for working out on this.

  2. I showed this one to my other (and better) half when I came across it earlier in the year.
    We both read it when it arrives as she thinks it’s good at fixing the mentality of women having to wear ‘shapes’ to suit their occupations and not for comfort (her words). Not sure about the main charcter though, we will have to see how he develops.
    Having just got through ch8, she wants to see ch9 ASAP as 8 definately refered to her when she was working and she wants to see the outcome NOW (naturally).
    I might add that she has passed the title and url on to a few friends in the business world so you may just have a ‘hit and hurry-up’.
    Personally I think it’s a fun manga that seems to be dealing with a serious (but hidden) topic in todays ‘styled’ world. You have our congradulations, both in finding it, and what we hope is the perseverance to see it to completion.

    1. When i read through this comment I sat at my computer screen and wondered how i should reply to it; It took me over 15 minutes to decided a way to comment.
      That seems to be an interesting way to think about the manga though. Also with the recent release it will most likely take a few days since chapter 9 has yet to be touched by Sneez or I. Also i have another project (new) that i want to release first, but I aim to have the next chapter out before a week is up.

      Also with the extra flow of visitors doesn’t really matter much to us because we do not make any money from ads and not have a paypal set up here, but I love when people make interesting comments on Bento’s releases.

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