Amai Chapter 10 release

Well I seem to be on a roll for now with releases of amai. I hope to keep it that way and release all of volume 2 before the 15 of next month. By how things are going, that isn’t even that far fetched of a dream.
Amai Seikatsu - Volume 02 Chapter 10: Yumika's Determination

-Time till end if i start going weekly from this moment-
9 years and 8 weeks

6 thoughts on “Amai Chapter 10 release”

  1. Wow… Three chapters in 4 days! Then you would not need 9 years 8 weeks. Thank you for the chapters.

  2. i just read amai seikatsu i did not know that manga and it’s the best tnx for translating that seri

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