Amai Ch 16 Release

Well I finally found time to start and complete chapter 16 of amai, and volume 2 of 40.5. So 38.5 volumes left, happy day (well not really… that is still a lot)

Hm… do I have anything else to say…? Seems like nothing so here is the chapter. Enjoy.

Amai Seikatsu - Volume 02 Chapter 16: Goddesses of Salvation

5 thoughts on “Amai Ch 16 Release”

    1. *waits till people turn purple* well with my semester coming closer to an end, and me needing to read a book… there are no pictures…. i may get another release of amai out by ending of month. I am also aiming to get a release of ochi out before amai as well since we have had 1 chapter lying around with translations but no cleans till today.

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