Amai Ch 14 Release

Well with college and slacking my time doing scanlation stuff is short. But I can still manage with releases.

Amai Seikatsu - Volume 02 Chapter 14: The Most Important Thing

5 thoughts on “Amai Ch 14 Release”

  1. Yah now thats what I’m talking about. Another chapter of Amai. Thank You so much. Btw I’m playing Final Fantasy VII for the 5th time looking for a perfect game. I’m having fun.

  2. The ‘better half’ keeps complaining that the thread of this manga changes all the time from what she expects, but [quote] at least it hasn’t degraded into smut [/quote]. Personally I think the creator has found a subject that they can emphasise with and has found a way to ‘bring it out of the closet’ safely.

    We both like it and give you a 9.25, losing 0.25 for slowness she says.

    Keep up the good work.

    1. I re-read your comment and just understood what you meant.
      The idea for the manga i think stays around the current idea (based on what i can vaguely remember when i skimmed through a few volumes before i released chapter 1).
      Also slowness is due to my laziness and time being consumed from college…

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