AMAI 29 Release

Well I am releasing another chapter of amai (a month after completing 95% of it)… I have horrid tendencies… Please forgive me.

Amai Seikatsu - Volume 04 Chapter 29: Yumika's Transformation

On a side note, you all should be aware that bento is kinda really suffering right now… we need translators. If anybody is willing to apply it would really help. (I really wanna complete some of the series that are on our hiatus list but I would be willing to add some new ones but some conditions need to be arranged beforehand)

5 thoughts on “AMAI 29 Release”

  1. I normally only look for competed series so I’m not drooling for the next release so I screwed myself by downloading this to kill time at work….. My patients were neglected and I still did not get an ending *sob* ether way good job man. Ate up some bored time reading.

    1. Well there are still a ton of volumes and i have just been lazy for past month… i need more help in group to more or less release more stuff

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