AMAI 27 Release

Well i know its been a bit since amai was last released… Also most other things… I am a slacker… Please don’t blame me too badly even if its completely my fault.

Amai Seikatsu - Volume 04 Chapter 27: Sweet Temptation

Enjoy release, and i will probably release another chapter sooner than another month most likely.

11 thoughts on “AMAI 27 Release”

    1. I am a slacker. Also most of the chapter was nsfw and whenever i felt like typesetting my mother was always there.

          1. wow you are late on that reply as well lol. Also i am halfway done with the next chapter (could have finished if my relatives didn’t visit over the weekend) just to let you know of the status of ch 29.

          2. well i am on college hunt, so i am pretty busy till july.
            expecting another good release this month…. thx

    1. This is our current site, and I am main person who replies here, albeit haven’t checked here for a bit due to college (and slacking due to gaming)

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