Amai 20 Release

Well I finished this chapter a little quicker than expected(around 11 hours ago) but went to sleep so releasing now. Also I discovered that parabellum ch 7.5 is around the middle of volume 2… And it is done being typesetted, I just need to quickly look over it and that will be our final release of it unless the translator who said maybe to translating it sends tls. (I may try to convince a tl at bento though because its not a long manga).

Amai Seikatsu - Volume 03 Chapter 20: Domina's Nomination

On another note I need a cleaner for Shirayukihime ch 14 since I got an alternate temporary translator but al245 won’t clean it lol…

12 thoughts on “Amai 20 Release”

    1. Well the time to wait slightly is near lol, I am working on a joint for another project to add to bento’s list… I really should stop, but i forget my limitation.

  1. Sorry, I don’t know where else to comment on. Are you hiring cleaners? If so I am interested on what all it is.

    1. It is more of that college has gotten in my way. I am almost done with chapter 21 though. Hopefully I finish it by tomorrow.

  2. Thank god! Been holding my breath since ch16, past blue, now green and need to let it out :-)}. BTW, how far are ‘we’ through scantilating this one, hopefully many more to come as I hate it when a good manga series ends. I get so emotional.

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