AMAI 19 Release

Well I did a calculation of my remaining time for season 1… and I have a giant range of how long it will take me to complete this.
If I release weekly, and not run lack of translations it would take me 8 years and 51 weeks from right now.
If I release monthly though it would take me 38 years and 11 months.

So i should probably get a team together to work on amai lol, probably won’t happen due to me wanting to continue working on it alone, but it may eventrually.

Well for what all of you have been waiting for
Amai Seikatsu - Volume 03 Chapter 19: Drowning in girl trouble

6 thoughts on “AMAI 19 Release”

  1. Thank you for your hard work! 9 years it is a long time… probably it is better if you looking for some help, or you will become crazy in no time.

    P.s. sorry for my probably bad english, I’m italian.

    1. well 9 years is my minimum amount if i release weekly. if i do multiple releases a week or bi-weekly or any other inteval with releases that number changes. and main thing i did was give my typesetter zp92 more stuff to work on so i can focus more on amai (though i started cleaning godseeker and executional; i want to finish godseeker before our anniverary (was it our 2nd or 3rd?)

      1. The mangaka with this series it has been very prolific, with 480 chapters in the first series and with the second series started in 2011… I will hope you can complete this series, because this old fashioned drawing is cool and the story is good, I’m very curious for the future events in the story.

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