STAB 6 Release

Well I have been busy, and slacking badly with scanlations… I have been either doing homework for college, playing minecraft, playing smash bros on my 3ds, or sword art on my vita. I should direct more effort into college and scanlations lol. Well lets see if that will ever change.
Also it is 1 hour before midnight for me currently, and it is still Halloween, so Happy Holloween everyone.

A Simple Thinking About BloodType - Chapter 06: Phone Conversations

6 thoughts on “STAB 6 Release”

  1. Woo yeah STAB! lol

    Thanks a lot \(‘∇’*)

    Good luck with both your college and scanlation efforts ₍₍(ง ˙ ω ˙) ว

  2. tnx for the chapter
    of all your project i really enjoy amai seikatsu hope to see in in france soon

    1. i am sorry to say that even if our site has a .fr ending, none of my members speak french.

      *if you know someone who would be willing to translate i could typeset it into that language as well.

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