Well after all the time we have worked/slacked on Godseeker, Bento is finally done with it. The translations seriously were in our drive for a year and cleans since around Jan. so me getting to them due to their length increased time of waiting… sorry.

Well here are the chapters.

Godseeker - Volume 02 Chapter 08

Godseeker - Volume 02 Chapter 09

Thank you all the staff who worked on this and to Overload Scans who worked on the first two chapters.

Parabellum Release

Well I know I released this a day or two ago on batoto, but I was unable to get my xdcc bot to allow me to access the file properly on irc, and delayed uploading it on site >.<

Parabellum - Volume 02 Chapter 07.5: Memory

P.S. I also updated the recruitment area of site by adding the downloads there.

Recruitment Section

I finally decided to change how the staff section was, so I made it have 2 sub-categories. The 1st is the current staff list, which as it states shows who is currently a part of bento’s staff. The 2nd is Recruitment, which will contain all the tests we have. Applications for translations will be handled differently though.