AMAI 19 Release

Well I did a calculation of my remaining time for season 1… and I have a giant range of how long it will take me to complete this.
If I release weekly, and not run lack of translations it would take me 8 years and 51 weeks from right now.
If I release monthly though it would take me 38 years and 11 months.

So i should probably get a team together to work on amai lol, probably won’t happen due to me wanting to continue working on it alone, but it may eventrually.

Well for what all of you have been waiting for
Amai Seikatsu - Volume 03 Chapter 19: Drowning in girl trouble

Parabellum Release

Well I really should have just started and ended the releases for Parabellum, but I am too lazy and don’t feel like cleaning the half chapter (which has like 5 pages) so I shall stall on that. On another note, I don’t feel like making a fake release for this release. I may for next one lol.
Also I am sorry for the lack of redraws, I didn’t feel like waiting 50 years for them, and I still need redraws done for Ochi… If you want to help redraw please email me @

Parabellum - Volume 02 Chapter 07: Repose


I seem to have slightly forgotten that there are no more translations past chapter 7.5 so if you guys want Bento to continue working on this, we need a translator for the final volume…

AMAI 18 Release

Well I managed to keep my promise about releasing chapter within 48 hours of Thai One-Shot. It took a lot of determination to complete it lol.
So here is release:

Amai Seikatsu - Volume 03 Chapter 18: A Shocking Confession

Also I hope you all read this. And for Bento’s next release I am going to release a fake release (it will probably watermarks) and I will probably do this every so often, so look in comment area about it. And I will say this ahead of time, I am sorry for anyone who downloaded the fake release.

One-Shot Release

Well I have said before that I would accept most projects if I am provided with raws and translations, and Bentomonogatari (a.k.a Pound; a retired cleaner of Bento) took me up on my offer. And since he knows thai, he worked on a thai one-shot.

So enjoy the release:
Shutter Chance - Oneshot

P.S. Ochitekita ch 8 has 4 pages which need redraws, that are delaying release. Also Madan should be getting typesetted soon enough. Finally I started working on Amai’s next chapter as well and hope to have a release within the next 48 hours, and then go to work on either EXEcutional or Godseeker after that, unless another project gets a chapter completed, then I would QC it before moving on. Oh yeah, Bento should hopefully be able to move Shirayuki out from the hiatus pile within this month.