Godseeker Chapter 7 Release

Well with this release there are only 2 chapters left. So I am happy about that since this should have been done ages ago, but due to cleans, it has had major delays. Also redraws are issues for Bento… another chapter is released without any… I should really recruit for that position…

Godseeker - Volume 02 Chapter 07

Double Release

Well after finally getting out doing 2 papers, a test, and 2 quizzes I, Ravin, am free again… well it would have probably been less of a wait if i wasn’t playing Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment on my vita lol, but a slacker will always be a slacker. So enough with my rambling, I already did enough with that for my presentation in my english class yesterday, so here are the chapters.

Amai Seikatsu - Volume 02 Chapter 15: That's Sexy

Tengoku - Volume 02 Chapter 16: Sedecim


*Also note for Amai, if you want to know more about Tsujigahana look at this link: http://www.tsujigahana.com/tsuji-ga-hana.htm

-Tengoku Note: I re-uploaded chapter with the previously missing page, but I forgot it needed redraws before I originally released, so I uploaded the chapter with un-redrawn page. When redrawns are done for it I will upload that one, and yeah… Don’t be forgetful… it a good rule, and if you are make notes and don’t forget where you put them.